Lighting Solutions

International Lighting Factory (ILF)

Safe and reliable
The International Lighting Factory (ILF) Saudi factory specializes in LED lighting products for various applications, including indoor and outdoor spaces, screens, smart farms, smart houses, building façades, explosion-proof environments, and germicidal purposes. They also offer LiFi technology for high-speed internet communications. ILF's products are designed for efficiency, safety, and aesthetic appeal in multiple sectors, such as municipalities, commercial and retail, industrial, healthcare, educational, and hospitality sectors. They also focus on innovative applications of LED technology in smart homes, integrating it with other home automation systems

Glinty Lighting 

Poineers System
Glinty specializes in manufacturing lighting systems, including luminaires, LED displays, and outdoor digital clocks. Glinty's products are known for their compatibility with advanced technologies and emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental preservation. They aim to be pioneers in the lighting industry by offering products that combine high efficiency and quality​.